Posted by: mistyj | December 17, 2007

Constantin Stanislavski

Constantin Stanislavski, born in Moscow in 1863, earned international recognition as an actor, director, and coach throughout the world with the Moscow Arts Theatre. During the 1800’s he grew as an actor and began to produce and direct plays. The approach he created toward acting, was to make the performance believable, rather than just understood. He did this by creating a certain method where you would remember an emotional memory, bringing out emotions you once felt before in a specific situation, to display to the audience. This would help for your character to show the audience authentic feelings. Stanislavski was the only person to have such a strong effect on acting in the twentieth century.




Stanislavski, along with Nemirovich-Danchenko, became a cofounder of the Moscow Art Theatre in 1898. He remained associated with this theatre for the rest of his life. His theories are a main source of study for actors in the US today. The “Stanislavski Method,” also known as “Method Acting,” had a fast and deep impact on modern schools of acting. He wanted the emotional core of the actor to be expressed throughout their performances. The actors inner identification with the character was extremely important to him, as well as natural use of body and voice. His methods were so impressive that they were and have been used by many studios and teachers today.

Misty Jantzen


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