Posted by: daveleonard | December 17, 2007

Julie Taymor


Julie Taymor took a very early interest in Theatre, staging preformances in her back yard by 7 and joining the Boston Childrens Theatre company by 9. She is now easily one of the most signifigant figures in modern Theatre. Her Work has netted her 4 Tony nominations and 2 wins, an Emmy award and an Oscar nomination. Her most famous work is easily The Lion King: The Musical, the award winning broadway play. The Lion King highlights traits that are common in her work; mixing live actors with puppets, masks and shadows obscuring the difference between them. This style is influenced by her experiences traveling to different and often tribal ethnic cultures and absorbing their theatrical traditions. She’s studied everything from Mime to wayang kulit shadow puppetry. Julie is not simply a director, she is greatly involved in participating in many aspects of her plays, she’s a lyricist, mask maker, puppet maker and more. 


She has adaped this style to film aswell, her recently released movie Across the Universe features sequences with which follow her theatric style. Julie is probably more recognized for her modern work but she also has a history of directing classical theatrical productions such as Shakespears The Tempest or Titus Andronicus, both of which also are directed using her distinctive style.

Julie Taymor: Playing with Fire. Eileen Blumenthal and Julie Taymor. Harry N. Abrams, Inc. Publishers, 1995.


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